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Ultrasound courses for scientific partners of the IASMS

The goal of the set of courses (Basic I, Basic II, and Advanced Level; lasting three days, usually conducted in one block) is to reach the high accuracy and reliability level for measuring subcutaneous body fat (SAT) as described in Müller W. et al. (Sports Med 2020, and Br J Sports Med 2016; see pdfs aside), and to reach the competency to conduct research and application projects. To prepare for the course, it is recommended to study these two methodical publications thoroughly before the course, and also the electronic supplementary materials. These publications summarise the scientific background of the Standardised B-mode Ultrasound (US) Method. Preceding experience with diagnostic ultrasound is advantageous.

First part (BASIC I): Getting started with the NISOS - Body Composition Analyses (BCA) software. Marking the eight standardised sites for US measurements of subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT). Getting started with the US system and US measurement technique. Image evaluations of the captured US images. Measured SAT thickness values (d) and sums of the eight sites (D), SAT thicknesses with and without embedded fascias (F). Accuracy and reproducibility obtainable with the standardised US method. Body fat measurement: anatomically or chemically determined. 

Second part (BASIC II): How to use the meta-data protocol sheet (personal and anthropometric data, kind of sport, level, etc.). Discussion of anthropometric data including MI, BMI, W/h assessment of visceral fat and years of life lost. Marking test persons and recording their anthropometric data. Supervised capturing of US image series (eight sites each) and image evaluations with the NISOS-BCA software. Comparison of results and discussion and elimination of errors. 

Third part (ADVANCED LEVEL): Usage of all features of the NISOS - BCA software, including export of anonymised results. Inter-observer-study performed by the participants (competency test), comparison of results, analysis of errors and measurement deviations. Interpretation of the obtained data sheets (collection reports). Normative data, SAT mass in kg and in percent of body mass, SAT patterning analysis. Relevance of body fat measurements in medicine and sports. Accuracy and reliability demands for applications in medicine and sports. Discussion of other methods. Discussion of study ideas and designs. 

The NISOS-BCA software only runs on a WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEMS.

Certifications are issued by the IASMS: The certification makes sure that the participant is able to capture US images of SAT in accordance with the Standardised B-mode Ultrasound Method description (Br J Sports Med 2016; Sports Med 2020) and that she/he reached the high accuracy and reproducibility possible with this novel method. Embedded in the course program, the IASMS conducts competency tests and certifies the successful participation and that the participants have reached the course goals. For this, the fee is 300 € per person.  



UA  Upper abdomen

LA  Lower abdomen

FT  Front thigh

LT  Lateral thigh

MC  Medial calf

ES  Erector spinae

DT  Distal triceps

BR  Brachioradialis