International Association of Sciences in Medicine and Sports (IASMS)

Internationale Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften in der Medizin und im Sport  

The IASMS was founded in 2016 to support scientific activities in all fields of medicine.

The central aim of medicine is maintaining health: the state of physical, mental, and social wellbeing. At a time when medical research is threatened by increasing sub-specialisation, IASMS promotes associative approaches between scientific disciplines.

A focus of the IASMS will be to contribute to a cultural change towards a new awareness of the role of physical activity and sport, not only for prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases, but also as a major contribiture to one´s mental wellbeing.

IASMS brings together and encourages friendship of researchers and practitioners from various fields of science, medicine, and human performance research.


Prof. Dr. Wolfram Müller                                                                   


Prof. Dr. Helmut Ahammer

IASMS - International Association of Sciences in Medicine and Sports

8046 Stattegg, Austria

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