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Usually, the basic course and the advanced level course are conducted together. The goals of each course can be obtained in one day, provided that participants have studied the basic publication (including the appendix) on Subcutaneous fat patterning in athletes: selection of appropriate sites and standardisation of a novel ultrasound technique (Müller W. et al. Br J Sports Med 2016;50:45-54). This publication summarises the scientific background of this method (each participant will receive a copy of this publication). Preceding experience with diagnostic ultrasound is advantageous.

Goals of the basic course: Working with the USTissue-FAT-Scientific software (using given ultrasound (US) images). Marking of the eight standardised sites for US measurements of subcutan us adipose tissue (SAT). Getting started with the US system and US measurement technique for measuring SAT. Image evaluations of the US measurement series captured during the first day (using the USTissue-FAT-Scientific software). Accuracy and reproducibility obtainable with US (see: Br J Sports Med 2016).

Goals of the advanced level course: How to use the meta-data protocol sheet (personal and anthropometric data, kind of sport, level) Marking test persons and recording their personal and anthropometric data. Capturing of two US image series (two test persons, eight sites each) US image evaluations of the two captured US image series. Comparison of results (inter-observer comparisons, elimination of errors). Usage of all features of the USTissue-FAT-Scientific software (data export and import modes, anonymous fsc- and pdf files, image formats, adding and correcting meta-data). Discussion of study ideas and the impact of this novel US technique for lab and field studies.

Advanced level course participants will investigate additional ten persons after the course (recommended in the month after the course) in their home institute and send the obtained fsc- and pdf-files with their evaluations to the course leader who will check the images and give feedback. The improved image evaluations will then be sent to Rotosport and will be double-checked by a scientific board member of the IASMS (IASMS will then send the advanced level certifications to the participants). The advanced level certification makes sure that the participant is able to make US measurements of SAT in accordance with the standardised method description (Br J Sports Med 2016) and that she/he is able to obtain the high accuracy and reproducibility possible with this new method. This certification is a condition for using the measurer’s results for data bases of SAT patterning and for all scientific purposes where high quality data are required.

Certification:  Basic level: first day. Advanced level: second day (plus post-cource compentency test) . Certifications are issued by the IASMS.

SAT patterning with the USTissue-FAT-Scientific software

Semi-automatic ultrasound image evaluation and fat quantification. The USTissue-FAT-Scientific software is commercially avaliable at



UA  Upper abdomen

LA  Lower abdomen

ES  Erector spinae

DT  Distal triceps

BR  Brachioradialis

LT  Lateral thigh

FT  Front thigh

MC  Medial calf